Featured Events

Sharing in the excitement and anticipation of your big event is what inspires us. Whether it is a last minute affair or a party with a year of preparation, we genuinely enjoy building relationships with each of our clients and helping in the realization of their unique visions. We love what we do because of the enthusiasm, support and dedication of our clients, guests and vendors.

Thank you to everyone with whom we’ve shared many memorable occasions.

– Savoury Chef Foods

510 Seymour Launch
Miami Themed Building Launch
Venue: 510 Seymour Rooftop
Production/Planner: Social Life Mavens

UBC Farm Ford Dinner
Sustainability Feast with Ford Canada
Venue: UBC Farm
Production/Planner: Talk Shop Media Inc.

Brand Anniversary Party
Brand Anniversary Party
Venue: Private Showroom & Warehouse
Production/Planner: Rose

Studio 54 Holiday Party
Studio 54 Holiday Party
Venue: The Imperial
Photographer: Butter Studios
Production/Planner: Savoury Chef

Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre Wedding
Wedding Celebration
Venue: Robert H.Lee Alumni Centre
Photographer: The Nickersons
Production/Planner: Best Day Event Creative

UBC Botanical Gardens Wedding
Summer Rose Garden Wedding
Venue: UBC Botanical Gardens
Photographer: Bake Photography
Production/Planner: Dreamgroup Planners

Summer DMC Wine Dinner
DMC West Coast Corporate
Venue: UBC Boathouse
Photographer: Vision Event Photography (Mark)
Production/Planner: Just Right Events / Savoury Chef

Champagne Dreams – The Permanent
Champagne Holiday Party
Venue: The Permanent
Photographer: Filosophi / Savoury Chef
Production/Planner: Savoury Chef & Filosophi

Grand Holiday Party – Imperial Vancouver
Bourbon Street Holiday Party
Venue: The Imperial Vancouver
Photographer: Brett Beadle
Production/Planner: Savoury Chef & Company

KOOZA – Cirque Du Soleil VIP Rouge
VIP Rouge
Venue: Le Grand Chapiteau
Photographer: Cirque
Production/Planner: Audrey & Savoury Chef

Hycroft Wedding Celebration
Hycroft Wedding
Venue: Hycroft
Photographer: Shari & Mike
Production/Planner: SCF

Oktoberfest & The Pipe Shop Building
Oktoberfest Gala
Venue: The Pipe Shop Building
Photographer: Savoury Chef
Production/Planner: Hot Events + Savoury Chef

Monogram Dinner By Design 2015
Hosted Dinner
Venue: CBC Building Vancouver
Photographer: Jonny Picture
Production/Planner: The Social Concierge

UBC Boathouse Elegance Wedding
Elegant Wedding
Venue: UBC Boathouse
Photographer: Jamie Delaine
Production/Planner: Epic Events (Briar)

SVMF – Timber Lounge & Music Boxes 2015
VIP Experiences
Venue: Squamish Valley Festival
Photographer: LiveNation
Production/Planner: Live Nation & BrandLive

SunWolf Wedding Celebration
Wedding Celebration
Venue: Sunwolf Squamish
Photographer: Tomasz Wagner
Production/Planner: Filosophi Events (Erin Bishop)

Crab Boil Mosaic Style
Media Launch
Venue: FREMONT by Mosaic
Photographer: Ainsley Rose
Production/Planner: Talk Shop Media

Art Gallery Air France
Brand Launch
Venue: Vancouver Art Gallery
Photographer: Pardeep Singh Photography
Production/Planner: Air France & Savoury Chef

Waterfall Building Brand Activation
Brand Activation
Venue: Waterfall Building
Photographer: Shari & Mike
Production/Planner: CANDICE&ALISON INC.

OpenRoad Porsche
Car Launch
Venue: OpenRoad Porsche
Photographer: Dragonflight Photography
Production/Planner: Melissa & Alison

Fraser Valley Wedding
Fraser Valley Wedding
Venue: Private Farm
Photographer: ShoeBox Photography
Production/Planner: Client / Savoury Chef

UBC Boathouse Wedding
Elegant Wedding Family Style
Venue: UBC Boathouse
Photographer: Simply Rose Photography
Production/Planner: Weddings By Yolanda

Cirque Du Soleil – Totem
Under The Big Top!
Venue: The Big Top - VIP Rouge
Photographer: Cirque
Production/Planner: SCF / Cirque

Science World Green Roof Celebration
Multi-Course Dinner
Venue: Green Roof - Science World
Photographer: Glow Photography
Production/Planner: Corinne - Filosophi Events

L&D Modern Chinese Wedding
Architects Come Together
Venue: Inform Interiors
Photographer: Lucida Photography
Production/Planner: Aurora Buchanan

Kim & Mac
Wedding Celebration
Venue: Kensington Prairie Farm
Photographer: Blue Olive Photography
Production/Planner: Filosophi Events

Capilano Audi Launch
Car Launch
Venue: Capilano Audi
Production/Planner: Audi - Constance

Vancouver Art Gallery Wedding
Wedding Celebration
Venue: Vancouver Art Gallery
Photographer: Brian Noppe
Production/Planner: DreamGroup Productions

Cirque Du Soleil
Circus Tour
Venue: VIP Rouge - Cirque Du Soleil

Penthouse In The Park
Corporate Party
Venue: The Chapels - Stanley Park
Photographer: Shari & Mike

Heritage Hall Family Style
Family Style Celebration Wedding
Venue: Heritage Hall
Photographer: Shari and Mike
Production/Planner: Briar - Epic Events

G&S Roundhouse Chef Wedding
Chef Stations
Venue: Roundhouse Community Centre
Photographer: Lucida Photography
Production/Planner: Jenna - Revel Events

Tropical Birthday Celebration
Private Birthday
Venue: Private Residence
Photographer: Kev and Adam Photography
Production/Planner: Dreamgroup Productions

H&S Vintage Wedding
Rustic Multi-Course Dinner
Venue: UBC Farm
Photographer: Shari + Mike Photography
Production/Planner: Dreamgroup Productions

Sandy and Albert
Wedding Celebration!
Venue: The Cammidge House
Photographer: JW Photography
Production/Planner: Liz Mah

Ada and Sharma

Venue: Private Residence
Photographer: Brett Beadle
Production/Planner: SCF

Yoko and Eric

Venue: The Galbraith Manor
Photographer: Images By Bethany
Production/Planner: Candeo Weddings

GIB Brewmasters Dinner

Venue: GIB Taproom
Photographer: Brett Beadle

Great Lawn – Tea Party Wedding
Great Lawn Tea Party Wedding
Venue: Van Dusen Gardens - Great Lawn
Photographer: Stephanie Williams Photography
Production/Planner: Dreamgroup Productions

Corporate Launch Party
Corporate Cocktail Party
Venue: CBC Building Studio 700
Photographer: Brett Beadle Photography
Production/Planner: Path Projects

KIN Dinner Series
Hosted Supplier Highlight Dinners
Venue: 560 Art Lounge
Photographer: SCF
Production/Planner: Savoury Chef Foods

Invis Canada Holiday Celebration
350 Guest Year-End Multi-Office Celebration
Venue: Vancouver Public Library (Promenade)
Photographer: VPL - Katharine
Production/Planner: Liz Hynes and Showmax Events

Saar Banks – Olivia and Jeremy

Venue: Saar Banks Farm
Photographer: TBD
Production/Planner: Olivia and Jeremy

Presidential Dinner

Venue: Private
Photographer: G.Paupst
Production/Planner: SavouryChef/Dreamgroup

Canada’s Northern House
Venue: Canada's Northern House, Olympic Pavilion
Photographer: Thu Nguyen
Production/Planner: Outside The Cube

Bussoli Wedding
Wedding Celebration
Venue: UBC Farm
Photographer: Christina Willows
Production/Planner: Elements Modern Weddings

Claudia and David
Elegant, Classic Plated Four Course Dinner
Venue: Aberthau Mansion
Photographer: Morgaine Owens Photography
Production/Planner: Host

Shanghai Themed Event

Venue: Autumn Brook Gallery
Production/Planner: Kathy Chang / Solo Dia

Tanessa and Sheldon

Venue: The Barn on The Mountain
Photographer: James Moes - Holy Holy Matrimony
Production/Planner: Host

Mavreen and Shauna
Indian Inspired West Coast Wedding
Venue: UBC Boathouse
Photographer: Misty Winters
Production/Planner: Host

Elena and Brad
The Great Lawn - Tented
Venue: Van Dusen Gardens
Photographer: Blue Olive Photography
Production/Planner: Dreamgroup Productions

IWFS Dreaming

Venue: Private
Photographer: Jim and Milena Robertson
Production/Planner: IWFS

Rachel and John
Tomato Farm - Family Style Wedding
Venue: Gipaanda Greenhouses - Farm
Photographer: Sarah Ryall
Production/Planner: Host

Katharine and Ivan
Afternoon Family Affair, Back to Earth
Venue: UBC Farm
Photographer: Carmen Schmid
Production/Planner: Host

Chantel and Ian
August Weekend Wedding
Venue: UBC Boathouse
Photographer: Brett Beadle
Production/Planner: Host

Lift Up Canada
October Fundraiser - 200 Guests - Appreciation Lounge
Venue: International Village (Tinseltown)
Photographer: Unknown
Production/Planner: Very Special Events

Jessica and Anthony
Rustic 100-Mile Family Style Menu
Venue: UBC Farm
Photographer: James Moes Photography.
Production/Planner: Eventstar Services

Jayce and Mike
Cocktail Wedding - Romantic in October
Venue: Aberthau Mansion
Production/Planner: Elements Modern Weddings

Holly and Jeremy
Gorgeous Limelight Summer Wedding
Venue: UBC Boathouse
Photographer: Hyperfocus (Steff and Justin)
Production/Planner: Elements Modern Weddings

Ras and Mike
Coast to Coast - East meets West
Venue: Eagle Harbour Yacht Club
Photographer: FM Photo Studios
Production/Planner: Host