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No. 1 regret on my wedding day: Letting go of my plate of food.

As we mingled with our guests, we put our plate of food down to take pictures. Next thing we knew, someone had stolen our plate of food. I couldn’t believe it! I guess it looked too enticing and someone just couldn’t resist. It’s been two months since our wedding now and guests are still telling us how awesome the food was and reminding us of what we missed out on. What a bitter sweet feeling.

When it came to planning my own wedding, being able to trust all my vendors was extremely important. I wanted to put 100% reliance on my vendors so that we could get 100% enjoyment out of our wedding.

Savoury Chef was one of those trusted vendors. We fell in love with them the moment we saw their website. The deal was sealed the moment they put food in our mouths. We hung out at their shop where they fed us treats and no matter what we requested, they would say ‘yes’. They were genuinely concerned about our wedding day. They were professional, diligent and extremely organized. And it was easy to put 100% reliance in them on the wedding day because of the relationship we had established prior. My only wish now is that they open shop in Toronto so that all my wedding couples can benefit from them too. – Sandy Tam & Albert – Sandy Tam Photography


Outdoor Chef Station Wedding

Fresh Lychee Punch!
fresh lychee, lemongrass infused soda, fresh fruit, mint

chef stations

classic slider station

‘Pemberton Meadow’ mini beef burgers on our housemade milk buns, with aged cheddar, onion and tomato
relish; vegetarian portobello mushrooms burger patties as well.

the hot dog
station with the sliders, serve with japanese condiments (japanese mayo, pickled daikon, bonito flakes,
seaweed, chilies) – japadog inspired – mini pate de choux ‘bun’, Moccia’s lamb merguez sausage, condiments

gem lettuce caesar salad
gem lettuce classic caesar salad with crispy, battered fried anchovies


asian scallop blt
seared BC Qualicum Bay scallops stuffed with honey’d duck prosciutto, cherry tomato, pea sprouts and a ginger miso

potato ‘skins’
crispy baby yellow potato cups with creme fraiche, chive, and caviar

thai chicken satay
Farmcrest chicken breast marinated with Thai spices and served with a coconut curry dipping sauce

baby artichoke and peppadew salad
baby artichoke hearts and sweet peppadew peppers with babaganoush on a lavash chip

prawn and scallop cakes
mini BC spot prawn and BC ‘Qualicum Bay’ scallop cakes flavoured with cilantro, lime, chilli, and topped with a cilantro ream

beef skewers
‘Pemberton Meadows’ grass-fed beef cubes, flavoured with braised pearl onions, tomato confit and maldon sea salt.

japanese tuna tartare
BC Albacore Tuna in a cucumber cup flavoured with ponzu, ginger and soy

duck satay
skewers of grilled ‘Yarrow Meadows Farms’ duck marinated with galangal and kaffir lime leaf, served with a sweet chili dipping sauce

creamed mushrooms
assorted wild mushrooms, thyme and cream on a crispy polenta square


crisp pitas and dip
house made lavash chips with chickpea hummus, mushroom and walnut pate, creamy roasted red pepper dip

premium antipasto platter
grilled asparagus and eggplant, golden peppadew peppers (spicy), baby artichoke hearts, prosciutto, house pickled carrots, marinated gigante beans

summer fruit platter
grapes, blackberries, gooseberries, raspberries, cantaloupe, honeydew melon, blueberries, figs, and pineapple

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