Vancouver Food Responders
Because Food Is an Essential Service

Vancouver Food Donation Program

Providing Nourishing Meals to Those in Need

Started in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Vancouver Food Responders Program is a partnership between local charities, volunteers and private business united by a mission: to help feed our city’s most vulnerable citizens while keeping people employed.

74,000 Meals & Counting
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How it Works

Donation Made to Food Stash Foundation

A donation is received to Vancouver Food Stash Foundation, a registered charity. Food Stash then calls Savoury Chef Foods to prepare meals for people in need.

Savoury Chef Prepares Meals

Savoury Chef makes the meals at cost. This allows Savoury Chef to keep staff members working at a time when most catering business has evaporated.

Vancouver Food Runners Deliver

Savoury Chef then works with Vancouver Food Runners, which rallies volunteers to pick up and deliver the meals.

People in Need Receive Nourishing Food

Donor receives a tax receipt for 100% of your donation.

Everyone Wins!

Donor Receives tax receipt Win!
Savoury Chef Employees keep working Win!
Hungry People Eat nutritious food Win!

Donation Recipients

Recipients change depending on where need is identified.

$7.75 / meal
Available in blocks of 100. 10% discount on your next corporate client order.

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Our Donors

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