Vancouver  - Savoury Chef Foods Ltd.

Beneath a small poplar grove neighboring a blossoming field of buckwheat (for the UBC Farm’s bees to romance in), Jessica + Anthony were married on a gorgeous autumn evening. Beautiful families, fascinating childhood stories, and delicious local food.


“Taryn, the food was absolutely delicious (and beautifully prepared) – the most memorable wedding meal I’ve had in recent memory.”
– James Moes, James Moes Photography

“We felt really lucky that everything turned out exactly as planned. The food received a great deal of praises from our friends. I hope that will generate some new business for Savoury Chef Foods. Thanks for the effort from you and your team. There is no way we could have pulled this off without you guys.”
– Anthony and Jessica

Credits and Press

The Menu

A family style presentation El Fresco, at the UBC Farm.


duck and mango salad
salad of Polderside duck breast, mango, endive, cilantro and snap peas with a light Asian dressing on a wonton crisp

prawn skewers
skewered butterflied prawns with a tangy cilantro, cashew and chili pesto for dipping

goat cheese and roasted beet salad
mini seed crusted goat cheese round topped with baby golden and red beets and micro greens on a toasted brioche round

family style meal

polderside duck breast
Israeli couscous and mushroom ragout, orange and ginger carrots

seared black cod
w/ lemon, garlic, shaved zucchini salad, herbs, olive oil, chili, lemon, garnished w/ pea tips

grilled peaches
bresaola, baby arugula, goat cheese, fresh herb vin

salad of shaved fennel
roasted beets, mixed citrus & chive dressing

soba noodle salad
cold soba noodles, sesame and cucumber salad.

dessert items

olives & hard cheese
an assortment of olives, and Canadian artisan cheeses