Ordering Guidelines

At Savoury Chef, we specialize in creating unique and memorable dining experiences. Whether you’re planning a small get together at home or are looking for hors d’oeourves and platters for a larger affair, we offer several different ways of creating the perfect menu for your event. Use our handy guideline to help you choose the appropriate amount of items to order. When in doubt, our event specialists are always available to help.

Call (604) 357-7118 or email us, and we will help you design a bespoke experience that will leave guests raving.


* minimum twenty-four (24) of each item per order
* minimum forty-eight (48) hour notice required for delivery

Gluten Free Vegetarian Dairy Free Vegan


All Listed

Ready to Serve

Ready to Serve

Delivery With Heating and/or Assembly

Some Heating and/or Assembly Required

Chef On Site Only

Chef On Site Only


30min to 1.5 hours
3 – 5 pieces per guest

afternoon party

1.5 to 3 hours
7 – 12 pieces per guest

cocktail dinner

2 to 4 hours
13 – 18 pieces per guest

Late Night Snacks


All platters have a minimum of 6 portions.