Vancouver  - Savoury Chef Foods Ltd.

Gabby & Dom gathered friend and family to a beautifully orchestrated wedding celebration at the UBC Boathouse. Savoury Chef provided an elegant family style meal, fitting to their Italian roots, and the crowd celebrated into the evening together. Wedding’s By Yolanda (also happened to be one of Gabby’s friends), did a wonderful job bringing everything together, with featured small touches in the decor, to the smooth timeline of the day. We were thrilled to be apart of their big day, and so happy for them to share their love and life with close family and friends. Congratulations!


“I have worked with Savoury Chef now for a few years in the wedding industry and am always very impressed with the menus they create for their wedding couples. Gabby and Dom’s dinner service had an Italian flair to it, with it being served family-style. After having photographed many weddings, I have never seen this sort of thing done at a wedding before and it was just such a wonderful way for everyone to share and eat. The lasagna was especially delicious! I am always impressed with the service that Savoury Chef provides right down to the smallest details in plating. I always get excited to photograph the dishes that they bring out! The food is not only visually interesting but also tastes wonderful.”
– Rose Dykstra, Simply Rose Photography


Family Style Menu


crisp risotto balls stuffed with provolone, sundried tomatoes & basil oil

dungeness crab cakes
mini BC dungeness crab cakes flavoured with garlic, ginger and galangal with a cilantro cream

smoked salmon tartare
savoury smoked salmon with cucumber, dill, red onion and lemon, with a lemon cream in a savoury sesame waffle cup

beef carpaccio
rare ‘Sterling Silver’ beef tenderloin on a parmesan crisp with chervil & balsamic pearls

pork belly with daikon
confit ‘fraser valley’ pork belly, radish slaw, red braise glaze

appetizer course

seasonal antipasto platter
genoa salami, grilled zucchini, marinated mushrooms, marinated artichoke hearts, olives, chevre with pesto and roasted peppers, marinated green beans, and ‘Terra Breads’ baguette

al fresco dips and bread
creamy roasted red pepper dip and artichoke and white bean dip with artisan flat bread

second course

lasagna bolognese
lasagna pasta layered with bolognese, bechamel and grana padano cheese

pasta alla norma
gemelli pasta with a san marzano tomato sauce, and eggplant

arugula and mixed green salad
baby arugula, mixed greens, shaved shallot, cherry tomatoes, grana padano and a lemon caper vinaigrette

main course

ling cod provencal
baked wild BC ling cod with a tomato, garlic, olive lemon and caper sauce

green beans with roasted tomatoes
tender, summer green beans with succulent oven roasted tomatoes, herbs and olive oil (served at room temperature)

grilled flat-iron steaks
grilled ‘Sterling Silver’ flat-iron steaks with Argentine chimichurri sauce

stuffed eggplant
Description: roasted eggplants stuffed with quinoa, lentils, tomatoes, mushrooms and grana padano cheese