BBQ Catering: BBQ Salmon

Modern, Fun, & Always Delicious

So you want to offer your guests/co-workers/friends/family a fun and casual BBQ – but you still want to be proud of what is being served, and have an eye for aesthetics?

Savoury Chef provides a number of flexible BBQ catering options for events of all styles and sizes. Our menus include classic favorites like Sterling Silver Beef Burgers, Wild BC Salmon, Grilled Veggies, Classic Potato Salad, and a huge selection of snacks, desserts, punches, wines, and beer.

Staffing Option

We can provide a Chef on site and service staff for your BBQ event, or we can simply prepare a drop-off and you can take care of the BBQ’ing yourself.

Real Plates & Cutlery Available

Forget the plastic forks, knives and throw away plates. We can include proper aesthetics from serving ware, to the display of the BBQ Spread.

Everything In One Place

Ease of booking, efficient setup and take-down – and of course peace of mind for you. We can also include the BBQ and fuel required for cooking.

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