Grazing Boards & Platters

Dig into an artfully curated feast for the senses crafted with Vancouver’s finest locally sourced ingredients.

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Indulge in Abundance

Inspired by Vancouver's abundant local ingredients, our chef-curated grazing boards and platters are designed to impress. Each selection features house-cured meats, Vancouver's finest ingredients, and a harmonious blend of flavours, textures, and vibrant colours. Perfect for any occasion, these lavish spreads invite guests to explore and savour every bite, creating a communal dining experience that is as memorable as it is delicious. At Savoury Chef, we celebrate the best of our region with a commitment to locally sourced, sustainable ingredients. Our grazing boards offer an array of options, including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free choices, ensuring every guest can indulge in the bounty of BC.

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Photography by: Mark Yuen Visuals

Let the Grazing Begin

Let’s bring the essence of Vancouver to your table and create an unforgettable grazing experience.

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