Savoury Chef Foods has an amazing roster of chefs, servers, bartenders, and other support staff on hand. We never use agencies to locate our staff members – they are personally interviewed and selected by our executive team based on personality, degree of professionalism and relevant experience.

Event Staffing Costs

Supervising Manager

45.00/per hour

Serving Staff

38.00/per hour


39.00/per hour

On-Site Head Chef

45.00/per hour

On-Site Cook

38.00/per hour

Event Planners

61.00/per hour

We require a minimum of one supervising manager for events where staff is on site. All of our front-of-house employees have obtained Serving It Right certification, and all on-site chefs are Food-Safe certified.


Any time worked over 8 hours will be invoiced at time and a half, and any time worked over 11 hours will be invoiced at double time.


Holidays and Specialty Days will be billed at time and a half. Please consult with us on which days these are.

**please inquire for specialty dates and statutory holiday rates.


When adding bartenders to your event, we offer a brief beverage consultation (30min) to ensure the bar is well prepared.