Savoury Chef Foods Catering is proud of the signature selection of menu items we offer – from innovative, asian-inspired cuisine, to classic favourites, we can concoct delightful meals within a range of culinary genres.

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A message from Savoury Chef Foods

“We love the process of menu creation. Sourcing out local, seasonal ingredients is our primary source of inspiration; nothing tastes better than market-fresh produce or ethically farmed meats, and this ongoing search for the best that BC has to offer.

We wholly oppose the mundane, factory mill model of catering services; our menu is never constant, as we continually strive to strike the balance between the desires of our customers and the seasonal and regional availability of premium ingredients.

Our goal is to brainstorm custom creations with our guests, and provide a memorable experience using finely crafted foods ripe with freshness and vitality.”
– Savoury Chef Foods

Savoury Chef Foods, Caterers for Vancouver, BC.