Vancouver  - Savoury Chef Foods Ltd.

The amazing team at CANDICE&ALSION INC. worked their magic on ‘The Waterfall Building’ for this brand activation party. Savoury Chef Foods was asked to help bring to life the roadshow! We loved working with everyone that was involved in the event and our partnership with such great suppliers in this fine city. What a great crowd.



Chef Station Plates

wild roasted BC salmon, herb butter fingerling potatoes, brussel sprout leaves, warm grainy mustard vinaigrette, cucumber, horseradish, and creme fraiche

crispy confit pork
shredded confit ‘Fraser Valley’ pork formed into a “brick” and crisped, onion puree, seasonal wild mushroom, shaved carrot and celery salad


provolone, sundried tomatoes & basil oil
Provencal style ratatouille (sauteed peppers, zucchini, eggplant, garlic and tomato) on a crispy polenta square with shaved grana padano cheese

stuffed peppadews
sweet and spicy peppadew peppers stuffed with feta, pine nuts and roasted garlic

cured albacore tuna
Granville Island’s “Osake” kasu, sake, and soy cured albacore tuna on a rice crisp

radish & butter
heirloom radish, “Amano” Genmai miso butter, chicken skin ‘furikake’ on a rye cracker

mini chicken “pie”

chicken with peas, carrots and jus in a savoury pastry shell


lemon tarts
tangy, lemon curd in a crisp pastry shell with bruleed meringue

flan with dulce de leche
mini rich custard with thick spanish caramel, shortbread cookie and whipped cream, served in a votive glass