Vancouver  - Savoury Chef Foods Ltd.

A yearly celebration for one of the best culturally rich companies we know! This year was a studio 54 throwdown in Chinatown. What a party it was! Interested in having a party like this? Contact us for more information.


Cocktail Celebration Studio 54 Menu


turkey & fixing
slow roasted turkey carved by a chef, stuffing, glazed heirloom local baby vegetables, gravy and cranberry sage confitures

custom bowtie
vegetarian marinara bowtie with treats

rigatoni with bolognese
rigatoni pasta baked with traditional beef and pork bolognese and mozzarella cheese


crisp risotto balls stuffed with provolone, sundried tomatoes & basil oil

fig and goat cheese tarts
red wine stewed figs, caramelized onion and local goat cheese on crisp puff pastry

zucchini cakes
crisp zucchini fritter cakes with harissa mayonnaise and oven dried tomato

mini smoked salmon eclair
savoury eclair filled with cold smoked salmon, lemon dill cream cheese, and crispy capers

asian scallop blt
seared BC scallops stuffed with honey’d bacon, cherry tomato, pea sprouts and a ginger miso cream

cured albacore tuna
Granville Island’s “Osake” kasu, sake, and soy cured albacore tuna on a rice crisp

braised beef profiterole
braised ‘Sterling Silver’ beef in a pepper and gruyere crusted gougere with chervil mustard cream and pickled red onion

mini steak “sandwich”
rare grilled flank steak on garlic toast with chimichurri sauce and crispy shallots

mini stuffed potatoes
baby potatoes stuffed with crushed potato, bacon and shallots, garnished with creme fraiche and chive


Mezze Platter
mediterranean feta, roasted tomatoes, d-Original Matador salami, pickled eggplant, olives, hummus, lavash chips

Cheese Board
award winning bleu benedictin (blue, Quebec), award winning avonlea clothbound cheddar (PEI), paillot de chevre (goat, quebec), st. andre (triple cream, france), manchego (spain), fruit, dried fruit, homemade confitures, with crisps and mixed Terra Breads


creme brulee
vanilla creme brulee with seasonal summer fruit

lemon tart
Lime meringue hidden by a tangy lemon cream and lemon jelly in a crisp vanilla tart shell, garnished with white chocolate shaving

eggnog mousse
creamy eggnog & white chocolate mousse, garnished with gingerbread, hiding under the mousse are bites of rich chocolate brownie!

chocolate tart
crisp chocolate tart filled with chocolate ganache & garnished with raspberry & candied orange zest