Vancouver  - Savoury Chef Foods Ltd.

A beautiful full service menu complimented the stunning aesthetics that only The Hycroft Mansion can provide. Family and friends were introduced to a featured cocktail bar, combined with passed canapes and great company. A seated dinner was provided by way of a rustic summer buffet, followed by some of our signature dessert items.

What a lovely day to be apart of such a beautiful wedding. It could not have turned out more perfect.


early summer buffet


crisp risotto balls stuffed with provolone, sundried tomatoes & basil oil

beef carpaccio
rare ‘Blue Goose Organic’ beef tenderloin on a parmesan crisp with chervil & balsamic pearls

tandoori chicken skewers
Moist and juicy tandoori Farmcrest chicken skewers with cilantro raita dipping sauce (mildly spiced)

rustic elegant buffet

artisan bread and butter
mixed bread from Terra Breads, served with sea salt and butter

scallop crudo
raw “qualicum bay’ scallops, tomato gel, radish

celebration salad
a salad of ‘Glorious Organics’ greens (available from may-october only, butter lettuce during the rest of the year), radish, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, fennel, carrot, and a herb sherry vinaigrette

bread & sundried tomato salad
toasted Terra Pizza Bianca bread tossed in oil & spices, served with seasonal greens, cherry tomatoes, red onion, basil, sundried tomato, house dressing, grana padano & crispy basil

grilled vegetables
grilled zucchini, eggplant and peppers dressed with extra virgin olive oil

green beans with roasted tomatoes
tender, summer green beans with succulent oven roasted tomatoes, herbs and olive oil (served at room temperature)

sofrito rice
fragrant basmati rice cooked in a flavourful tomato, red pepper and paprika scented broth

pasta alla norma
gemelli pasta with a san marzano tomato sauce, eggplant and bocconcini

classic roasted chicken breast
‘Farmcrest Farms’ chicken breasts roasted with garlic, thyme, olive oil, and honey and sauteed wild mushrooms

classic roasted beef
classic roasted ‘Sterling Silver’ beef marinated with herbs grainy mustard, served with a rosemary jus.

dessert buffet items

apple caramel tarts
apple and caramel tart, with frangipane, in a crisp sweet pastry

earl grey macaron
earl grey macaron with dark chocolate ganache

mini eclairs
strawberry, pistachio, & vanilla cream | chocolate on chocolate | hazelnut and chantilly cream

seasonal fruit selection
grapes, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, pineapples, & assorted melons *items may change based on availability