Vancouver  - Savoury Chef Foods Ltd.

On Monday, September 21st, 150 guests descended below street level into CBC Vancouver’s underground studios. Cocktails and table hopping were followed by an elegant seated VIP dinner. Each of the multiple courses was crafted by Chef Taryn Wa, and perfectly paired by a beautiful wine provided by Church & State, and fine musical accompaniment.

Proceeds of the dinner go to Canfar, as well as Emily Carr.


plated design focused menu


crab salad
dungeness crab salad with toasted rice & cured egg yolk on compressed cucumber

cured albacore tuna
Granville Island’s “Osake” kasu, sake, and soy cured albacore tuna on a rice crisp

mushroom ‘takoyaki’
“takoyaki” with pickled shitake mushrooms, smoked tofu, green onion, mayonnaise and sweet soy


scallop crudo
cured local sea scallops, confit pork belly, pickled shallot, citrus, and chili


early fall vegetable ‘salad’
an assortment of roasted, simmered, raw, and shaved fall vegetables: carrots, green beans, squash, radish etc. with a black bean sauce and chili oil.


beef ribeye with lo bak go
rare ‘Sterling Silver Beef’ ribeye & cheek daikon cake, ginger carrot puree, honshimeji mushrooms, braised lettuce & hoisin jus

cauliflower and lentil – vegetarian
roasted cauliflower, lentil croquette, beet puree, shaved fennel

sweet plate

chocolate and raspberry opera cake
layers of decadent chocolate ganache, white chocolate mousse, vanilla sponge cake, and raspberry gelee

white chocolate panna cotta
layered with raspberry gelee, topped with fresh fruit