Luke Ramsey Mural Vancouver - Savoury Chef

Our good friends at had putup a timelapse video of artist Luke Ramsey painting an amazing mural on our wall. From the words of the artists:

This wall is on a popular bike route, so I wanted to create a landscape captured in a passing moment- colors and shapes that convey positive vibes as cyclists pass by. I also wanted to compliment the trees that will bloom in the spring. The landscape consists of islands, mountains, clouds, ocean and a sun- reverence for this coast I’ve spent most of my life. The sky representing freedom, the ocean as a life supporter, the red sun as an energy source and the use of black for the rich dirt that feeds the land. The rainbow shows like a dissection of the land, revealing the core of the earth and it’s minerals that connect all living things. The orca shape is like a grounded island- it also pays tribute to this beautiful moving mammal and the contour line from it’s shape. Aspects of this mural are inspired by Coast Salish art, Joan Miro and the landscapes of Ted Harrison. The words “Joy So Zo Love Yanum” abstractly appear across the wall. An artist friend named Zoe passed away last year, we called him Zo. The “So Zo” words are transported in boats across a vast ocean, a tribute to Zoe and his energy I felt while creating this piece. The word “Yanum” is an aboriginal word I discovered that means laughter. This word is made up of different shapes, Y- a chalice to hold water, A- an island, N- an inverted whale tail, U- a cooking pot/ an inverted cap, M- a running leg. The laughter is to suggest a re-arrangement and playfulness of the land and water- not to destroy it, but to work with it and enjoy it’s offerings. Most of my work has been detailed line work. When considering this long wall, I wanted to stretch- to play with the reduction of many lines, and consider the simplicity of contour line from shape. The color palette has ingredients from the Vancouver Grizzlies basketball team that was.

Enjoy the video here: