Vancouver  - Savoury Chef Foods Ltd.

Rental Information

  • Dining-Capacity: 130
  • Reception-Capacity: 180
  • Price: $50-80/hour
  • Rental Hours: 9am-9pm
  • Cutoff Time: 1am
  • Availability Days: 7 days a week
  • Kitchen: No
  • Additional/Updates: n/a
  • The Ironworks Studios Caterers

The Ironworks Studios

  • 604-681-5033
  • Astrid Sars or Cal Drysdale
  • 235 Alexander Street - Map
  • Vancouver, BC, Canada
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Bar : The Ironworks offers a staffed bar during events.

Ironworks event space is probably the most unique venue in Vancouver, It is an amazing old building filled with so much history, character and charm. Certainly not your traditional location by any means for a wedding, Christmas party, or any other private event, but if you want somewhere that’s going to totally intrigue your friends and family, check this place out!

Now, it’s used for various events such as the Vancouver Jazz Fest, Art Exhibitions as well as for film and studio space. Original remains from the Ironworks are all over the place which gives the place a seriously rustic feel. Steel fixtures, vintage art, old tools, rusty old chains, rustic furniture, 16 foot ceilings, giant skylights, exposed original brick all over, even the front desk is a gigantic old piece of machinery….there is so much to look at in this place.