Rental Information

  • Dining-Capacity: 50-300 depending on room
  • Reception-Capacity: 50-300 depending on room
  • Price: 25-350/hr
  • Rental Hours: Depends on programming
  • Cutoff Time: Ask Venue
  • Availability Days: Depends on programming
  • Kitchen: Yes
  • Additional/Updates: Different rooms available for rent (meeting to auditorium to gymnasium)
  • Kerrisdale Community Centre Caterers

Kerrisdale Community Centre

  • 604-257-8100
  • Susan
  • 5851 West Boulevard - Map
  • Vancouver, BC, Canada
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Kerrisdale Community Centre is operated jointly by the Kerrisdale Community Centre Society and the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation.

Welcome to the Kerrisdale Community Centre. Our past renovations have provided many new and beautiful spaces in which to hold your next meeting or celebration.