Savoury Chef is proud to once again be participating in the Vintners Brunch for the Vancouver International Wine Festival 2013 on March.03.2013. The wines of California is the theme this year, and we are excited to be on board! The charitable partner is Bard On The Beanch.

 Name of Event: Vintners Brunch

Location: Vancouver Convention Centre West, Level 1, Ballrooms C and D

Dates/Times: Sunday, March 3 from 11:30 – 2:00 pm

More information can be found here:

Vancouver Playhouse International Wine Festival

35th annual (founded 1979)
Dates: February 25 – March 3, 2013
2013 Theme Region: California
2013 global focus: Chardonnay
Since inception in 1979, the festival has raised $7.8 million for the Vancouver Playhouse Theatre Company
Note that the numbers below are for the 2012 festival. The 2013 festival is expected to be similar in scope; stats will be announced when available.
15 countries
180 wineries
64 events
7 days
39 venues
60+ restaurants and hotels participate
1,701 wines
(791 at International Festival Tastings)
(171 additional wines at IFT trade tastings)
(739 wines at special events)
25,000 admissions
30,000 bottles poured
2012 theme region (Chile): 35 wineries serving 468 wines
2012 global focus (Cabernets): ~220