Chef Taryn was honoured to be mentioned in ‘The Huffington Posts’ article below.

BC’s Top Young Chefs To Watch

A restaurant career isn’t for everyone. It’s a job that promotes talent and rewards passion and sacrifice. Especially sacrifice. If you don’t possess any of those qualities and can’t hold your own against a room full of hungry and picky diners, then you better get out of the kitchen. Fast.

The Huffington Post B.C. asked five veteran executive chefs to identify the province’s top young talent. Who are the young chefs in B.C. worth watching?

Despite our calls across the province, all the insider answers pointed back to Vancouver…….



Taryn Wa’s white-hot (and delicious) Asian-inspired cuisine has pushed her career through a position as the sous chef on the second season of Channel M multicultural cooking show, “Fusion Fare” to the kitchen of multi-award winning Bistro Pastis. Wa’s fearless style draws inspiration from her international travels and recognition of Vancouver as a multicultural source of culinary creativity.


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