Our commitment to the environment and our community

Sustainability is not just the product you use, it’s also the culture you spread, the people you employ, and the practices you take home at the end of the day. Being a positive influence on the earth starts with our culture and goes forward from there. If you start with the right attitude, everything else falls into place.

From the start we have been focused on local proteins and suppliers. We didn’t change our business model to be green — we started with it. This, a simple practice, is something we do because it TASTES better, and it attracts better people to work and support our business.

  • Waste, Recycling and Pollution Reductions
  • Energy and Fuel Consumption Monitoring
  • Smart Menu Development, Less Product Wastage

We support the following green practices in our kitchen:

  • Complex Recycling Program for plastics, cardboard, metal, and mixed-media recycling.
  • Green Waste Recycling.
  • Paper Recycling – we have reduced our need to utilize many forms of paper. We rely on computers for production, and print (only) when necessary. All paper used is 80% post consumer recycled and printed in draft ink mode.
  • Paper towels are 100% recycled paper.
  • Tissue and Paper used in our washrooms are all made from recycled sources.
  • All cleaning products (outside of bathroom sanitation) are eco-rated, and we use enzymes for our grease trap as opposed to harsh chemicals for cleaning.
  • Employee outreach and training for how to reduce waste at events, and encourage car-pooling.

If paper product is requested, all of our ‘recyclable’ lunch program wares are comprised of the following:

  • Bagasse starch recycled plates.
  • Platters are asked to be kept, they are reusable and recyclable.
  • Corn Starch and Potato Starch Forks / Knives.
  • Napkins are 100% recycled paper.
  • All boxes that sandwiches/wraps go in are made from 100% recycled sources / kraft.
  • Our wrapping paper on all lunch items is kraft, recycled paper..
  • All clamshells are made from eco-century compostable/recyclable organic plant material.
  • All other platters and wares used are porcelain, reusable, and we take care of the washing and sanitization of them so they can be rented out again.

Heat, Water, Lighting, and Air Conditioning:

  • All of our bulbs and lighting are smart save rated. Energy Star.
  • Low-Temp drying dishwashers – same safe rating, lower temperature use means less power, and less water.
  • Low-flow sprayers in our dishpits.
  • Cooking oils are recycled weekly.

…as a business decision, many of the initiatives listed affect our bottom line. The costs to run the business are increased with these choices, but it is a commitment we have always made and will continue to make.

Menu Development / Product

All local proteins.

Support community and small business suppliers rather than conglomerates. Focus on local more than organic, as the footprint is less.
Our menus only include Ocean Wise sustainable seafoodStaff meals tailored around production.
House cured and created charcuterie (many items – less waste)Seasonal produce rotation

Our vehicles that we deliver in are low-emitting, conscious vehicles – including Ford Transits, and Nissan NV for larger jobs.


  • We were early adopters of using eco cleaning products and were often asked to test items out?
  • We source from multiple  suppliers to get the items we feel have the least impact on our earth, but are also the most practical. This is no easy task, and often we are left having to find new suppliers when the support is not there for a product we prefer to use — but we love sustainability, and we love a challenge!