The Team Meal

A daily office catering program

Weekly meals shouldn’t be boring!

Research shows offering a free meal to employees boosts morale and productivity,
promotes healthy eating habits, and helps recruit new employees. In fact, at Savoury Chef we offer lunch to all of our employees every day of the week.

We invite you to consider expanding your employee offerings by taking part in our Team Meal Program.

How Does It Work?

  1. A minimum of 20 employees each week, or frequently each month.
  2. We curate a meal plan – designed around your office budget, dietary requirements, and delivery schedule.
  3. Our chefs provide your team with delicious and wholesome meals. And it’s ok for the number of employees to fluctuate each week.
  4. Your team shares menu feedback with us. We adjust our menu each week based on your team’s preferences.
  5. Prefer breakfast over lunch? We can do that. We can also provide house-made snacks and hey, why not a bar service on Friday afternoons?
  6. Got questions or want to do something different? Give us a call to discuss.

Hand-Crafted Meals Curated Just for You

Boost Employee Morale and Create a Supportive Work Environment

Increase Productivity and Employee Retention

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