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Fresh delicious food delivered to your workplace.

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A Seamless Delivery System

Ordering with Savoury Chef means you get delicious chef-crafted meals and instant, effortless order tracking. Follow your delivery driver in real-time, see their estimated time of arrival, and even send them a direct message. We also send a notification when a delivery is on it's way, and when it arrives.

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Delivery Details
  • Delivery Hours: Monday to Friday: 7am – 6:00pm
  • Delivery Windows:
    • Weekdays: 30 Minute Window: 6am to 9am
    • Weekdays: 60 Minute Window: 9am - 6pm *
    • Weekends: 120 min delivery windows 6am to 6:00pm
    • * later delivery may be available
  • Sunday Minimum: $2500
  • Pickups: You may pick up your order from our office during regular business hours (9am-5pm)
  • Rush Fees: Same day (+34.99) New order (+54.99)
The savoury chef approach

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Delivery Zones & Pricing

Fuel surcharge will apply when/if the delivery fee is waived.

*Minimum food orders vary by zone.

Zone 1
$29.99Delivery fee waived with a minimum order of $500
Zone 2
$36.99 Delivery fee waived with a minimum order of $600
Zone 3
$44.99Delivery fee waived with minimum order of $750
Zone 4
$49.99Delivery fee waived with minimum order of $1000
Zone 5
Zone 6
Zone 7
Zone 8
Zone 9
Zone 10
Zone 11
Zone 12
$259.99Minimum F&B order of $2,000 before taxes and fees

Delivery Zones Map

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