Special Event Followup Questions

We truly want to understand the vision of your event; even if those plans are at the beginning stages, we want to hear about it. The following walk-through of questions below will hopefully help you understand the Savoury Chef Foods experience, and what it means to receive a comprehensive event service proposal.

1Listen First

The proposal process for us as a company, is something special. We take time to customize it specifically to each customers menu request, allergies/food sensitivities, the venue choice, and special requests for beverages, alcohol, and setup. If at any time you feel overwhelmed, give us a call – we are here to help (604) 357-7118.

2Recommend Best Practices

Every venue decision, every menu detail, it changes from event to event, and it is our job to make sure everything is packaged perfectly for your service and event. We hope that some of the resources and suggestions we come up with, can help you firm up some of the uncertain details of your day. We want this to be an easy and enjoyable process for you and your colleagues.

Full Service Success

The following outline will prepare you for the questions we will be asking. If at any time you are uncertain just let us know you are unsure at this time. However, please do let us know of tentative plans, as the more details you are able to provide the better able we are to customize our proposal.

1. Event Details

Share with us your event plans! This helps determine our rental delivery, and staff setup time. Some venues can host your presentation as well as your reception.

2. Venue & Timeline

Each venue has specific rules in place for caterers and guest arrivals. We like to understand what you have arranged, and then if need be, we can give suggestions on any changes required.
Find The Perfect Venue Example Timeline Learn About Tables and Chairs

3. Menu & Refreshments

This is where the magic happens. Share with us your vision for your menu, your expectations, what you love, and what you would rather not have included. Our in house sommelier, and cocktail experts are at your disposal to design the perfect ‘bar’ or signature drink for your event. Whatever your plans are, we are here to help.
View Menu Ideas View Bar Ideas

4. Budget & Final Thoughts

Share with us your budget, and final vision thoughts for the day. This will help us come up with some exceptional ideas and customization for your event. We always recommend hiring a planner for your event to take care of all the fine details leading up to your big day.

5. Complete Transparency

The Savoury Chef Foods experience means – a la minute, cooking on site. We bring equipment, and are ready to showcase what we do best. “No rentals left out!”

Our proposals include all of the necessary rentals needed to execute your event.  There are no surprise costs or inflated quotes a week prior.

Let’s Get Started!