Rental Information

  • Dining-Capacity: Based on room size, auditorium = 200
  • Reception-Capacity: Based on room size, auditorium = 200
  • Price: Depends on the room, $32-$42 per hour, auditorium = $60
  • Rental Hours:
    - Monday-Thursday: 9am-10pm
    - Friday: 9am-9pm
    - Saturday: 9am-5pm
    - Sunday: 10am-5pm
  • Cutoff Time: 15 mins before the closed office time - out of office hours is case by case.
  • Availability Days: Always, except stat holidays.
  • Kitchen: No
  • Additional/Updates:
    - Tables and chairs are available.
    - Can serve alcohol.
    - Outside of operating hours there is an extra fee for staffing.
    - Minimum 4 hour rental.
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West End Community Centre

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The West End Community Center is a 50,000 +plus square foot facility that houses 7 rooms for rent, a Pre-School, an Out-of-School Children’s Care Centre, a Full Gym, Auditorium, Library, a Pottery Studio and the West End’s only Skating Rink/Arena.

There are rooms available to rent that range from the cozy Stanley Court Room to our large Auditorium.