Rental Information

  • Dining-Capacity: 90
  • Reception-Capacity: 130 - depends on room: see room guide here
  • Price: 4 hours: $986
  • Rental Hours: Anytime
  • Cutoff Time:
    - Sun-Thurs: 11pm
    - Fri-Sat: 12am
  • Availability Days: 7 days a week
  • Kitchen: No
  • Additional/Updates: Rentable banquet furniture
  • Vancouver Museum Caterers

Vancouver Museum

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The Vancouver Museum can be found in the picturesque grounds of Vanier Park, this one-of-a-kind museum is known for its distinctive dome-shaped rooftop resembling a woven basket hat. It is a great location to charm your guests with a splendid view of English Bay, rolling mountains and ocean water. The museum has several spaces to host any social affair. It can hold 100 – 200 people for a reception or 50 – 80 people for a sit-down dinner.