Where do we eat? Part One



I really enjoy Parkside. From the service and ambiance to the food, every meal I’ve had here has been nothing less than wonderful. The servers are always attentive, but not intrusive and the food is always very well executed.

Brioche Urban Baking and Catering


Eggplant Parmigiana, Lasagna Bolognese, Italian Burger (think meatloaf instead of a regular patty), this is hearty Italian food in a cafe setting. If you eat lunch here, you do not need to eat for the rest of the day.

Guu (Thurlow Location)


Open late, sake, pork belly. That is all.

Au Petite Cafe


This is hands down the place I frequent the most. I eat lunch here up to three times a week. Judging from a prior post you know how much I love pho. They have pho, they also have wonderful Vietnamese subs, tasty springrolls and delicious beef stew. In fact, everything I’ve tried here is excellent. From the chilli sauce to the pate, everything is made in house (except for the bread, this comes from La Baguette on Granville Island). Be sure to arrive early, they sell out of baguettes for sandwiches and stew by 1:30 pm almost everyday. Service is quick and efficient and the restaurant is owned by the sweetest older Vietnamese man at the till.

My mother’s house

Yes I know, it’s cheesy, but it’s true. As a cook I share food with others everyday. It’s not often that someone cooks especially for me. Even though I don’t eat there as often as I should/would like to, I know I can always go to my mom’s and have a great meal. She knows exactly what I like and how I like it!

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  1. Karen Buder says:

    I love Parkside as well, and we’ll have to try Au Petite Cafe Vietnamese – love Vietnamese!

    Karen Buder

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