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  • Dining-Capacity: 607
  • Reception-Capacity: 600 (130 Lower, 450 Upper)
  • Price: 8 hour: $1400-$2460 (depending on event)
  • Rental Hours: Ask Venue
  • Cutoff Time: Ask Venue
  • Availability Days: Ask Venue
  • Kitchen: Ask Venue
  • Additional/Updates: n/a
  • Michael J Fox Theatre Caterers

Michael J Fox Theatre

  • 604-664-8875
  • Monika Vriend
  • 7373 MacPherson Ave - Map
  • Burnaby, BC, Canada
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“This 613 seat venue is proud to be a jewel in the arts community right here in Burnaby. The theatre hosts multicultural performances, dance, drama, music and many other community events making it one of the busiest theatre venues in the lower mainland.

Take a tour through the web site – perhaps you’ll find a show you’d like to attend – or discover how to hold your own special event. We look forward to having you in the theatre.”

Find more information on thier website here

Rental Reservations may be taken up to two years in advance of your planned event. The first step in any reservation is to contact us and enquire if your prospective date is available – if not, there may be other dates that could work for your event. Be prepared to discuss alternatives.

Event dates are initially held on a first-come, first-served basis, and may be held without contract or deposit fee for a limited period of time. If during that period, another client requests that date, the first position client will be notified and given the opportunity to secure the reservation. If a contract is entered into and a deposit is paid, the event is completely secured for the contracted renter.

While our basic Theatre Rental Package will suit most events very nicely, we are always prepared to create a custom package that will best serve your needs. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.