Polderside Farms – Chilliwack BC

foodMore and more people these days are concerned about what they are eating. The demand for organic products is higher than ever, but are most satisfied just with an organic label? Do you know where your food comes from and who produced it?

Meet Jens and Virginia Jacobson of Polderside Farms, a husband and wife team putting out some of the best poultry in the province. You’ll find their duck and chicken on the menus of some of Vancouver’s top restaurants (West, Aurora Bistro, Raincity Grill, and Parkside)

You can read more about their farming practices in this article from Vancouver Magazine. These ducks are well cared for, fed only grains, legumes and sunflower seeds. They contain absolutely no hormones or antibiotics and are raised in small flocks. This is truly responsible farming.

I recently tasted their duck at Aurora Bistro and fell in love. It was honestly the best duck meat I’ve ever had. I had to contact Polderside right away. Hans and Virginia are lovely people that are truly dedicated to what they do. “We produce only what we want to eat, I could eat the duck every night!” exclaimed Virginia when I spoke to her. I really enjoy meeting people who are so passionate about what they do and have so much pride in what they produce.

Look for Polderside Farms poultry on the menus of many Vancouver restaurants as well as the Savoury Chef’s! I will be serving (and eating!) their duck and chicken any chance I get.

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