Ocean Wise

Savoury Chef Foods is proud to be part of Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise program in providing sustainable, ocean-friendly seafood choices.

To ensure the health of our oceans for future generations, it is important to maintain sustainable seafood consumption.

Sustainable Seafood is seafood based these primary guidelines:

  • Status of Wild Seafood Population – Native stocks should be abundant enough to sustain fisheries.
  • Fishing Methods Used – Preferred methods are used.
  • Bycatch – Wasted catch of fish other than the targeted species.
  • Impact on Natural Habitat – Spawning grounds, sea bottom, kelp beds all require protection.
  • Management Initiatives – Which increase the odds of fisheries remaining sustainable.
We understand that choosing sustainable seafood can be challenging. So by locating the Ocean Wise symbol on our seafood menu items, you can be assured that you are making a smart choice for the future of our oceans.
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