Nicaraguan Sun

In the middle of April I was able to sneak away for a two week trip to Nicaragua, where I enjoyed the rich sunshine and plenty of smiles at what the land had to offer.

Nicaragua is primarily known for two things – great coffee beans and great cigars. Admittedly, the country is not well known its culinary achievements or regional dishes, so we were very grateful to have our fabulous guide, Rodolfo to show us around. Rodolfo tours the country in search of great food and interesting sites with hundreds of visitors each year, including several TV culinary celebrities. With Rodolfo’s keen nose leading us to delicious adventures, we were led to many of his favourite spots in Granada and northwards to Esteli.

Once in the North, we ventured solo into the mountains of Miraflor and stayed on a wonderful coffee plantation that grows all their own produce and raise all their own animals. The meals were terrific and the hospitality was refreshing and friendly. It was a well deserved rest in the middle of the forest, everything about the setting was perfect. We were surrounded by spider and howler monkeys, bugs the size of our fists and horses that guided us through the mountain trails.

Our trip ended in the south at San Juan Del Sur, where we caught up with friends that were in the area surfing. The beaches were perfect for picnics and filling up on fresh fruit. Every morning we were served a typical Nicaraguan breakfast of Gallo Pinto (rice and beans), eggs and fresh coffee. Delicious!

On my next visit, which I hope will happen someday soon, I would like to explore the Caribbean side of the country for some white sandy beaches and Pan de Coco (coconut bread)!


  • Sopa Marina in Rivas
  • Very delicious chamomile quesadilla on a farm in Miraflor
  • Lemons the size of grapefruits in Miraflor
  • Rolling our own Maduro cigars in Esteli
  • Riding an ATV through the south jungle and eating fresh mango and papaya from the trees
  • Freshly caught shrimp from the fish markets of San Juan Del Sur.
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