Eating Out – New Orleans!

I spent the month of July in New Orleans for work.

Though my time off was limited, I did manage to eat as much as I possibly could on my off days. New Orleans is a very unique place, full of history and unlike any place I’ve been before.  They take their food very seriously.

The portions are large, the food is rich (and often deep fried), and the seafood is very VERY fresh. My favourite place was Cochon, I ate there twice and EVERYTHING was delicious: head cheese, fried alligator, baked oysters, cochon (braised pork shoulder), eggplant creole. They make everything but two items/ingredients in house (cream cheese and something else minor that I can’t remember). They butcher a pig once a week/once every two weeks and do a lot of canning/pickling/preserving.

A few other highlights were fried oyster salad and choucroute at LUKE, blue crab and truffle gnocchi at August, fried eggplant at Mandina‘s, po boys at short-stop and Mothers, molasses spoon bread at Dante’s Kitchen, and fried chicken, red beans and rice, and cornbread at Willie-Mae’s Scotch House. Here are a few photos to get you drooling:

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  1. Drew says:

    Hi Taryn,

    Great pictures! I love your website and always enjoy stopping by when I can. Happy holidays and best of luck in the New year!

    Drew Munro

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