Chef Taryn and staff from Savoury Chef Foods – Vancouver Catering Company, several stories of eating great food from around the world in their travels.

New York for a week? We eat.

We had engine trouble en-route from YVR to NYC so our connecting flight was grounded for the night in St.Paul’s Minneapolis…. disappointing news at first thought, but it turned into an amazing evening of meals at two top notch restaurants, and a very satisfying lunch at a local deli.

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Nicaraguan Sun

In the middle of April I was able to sneak away for a two week trip to Nicaragua, where I enjoyed the rich sunshine and plenty of smiles at what the land had to offer.

Nicaragua is primarily known for two things – great coffee beans and great cigars. Admittedly, the country is not well known its culinary achievements or regional dishes, so we were very grateful to have our fabulous guide, Rodolfo to show us around. Rodolfo tours the country in search of great food and interesting sites with hundreds of visitors each year, including several TV culinary celebrities. With Rodolfo’s keen nose leading us to delicious adventures, we were led to many of his favourite spots in Granada and northwards to Esteli.

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Portland – A North West Treat

Portland… the city of roses.. also the city of delicious food and a plethora of micro-breweries and distilleries doing an amazing job at getting you snapped up for happy hour!

Our trip began in the negative as a snowstorm had hit the city and the I-5 was backed up to Washington. 12 Hours later we reached our condo, PDX Pied-à-terre.

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Turkey Trip – September 2009

When the opportunity came up to meet my university friend and fellow foodie, Michelle, in Turkey where she had been staying for six months, I jumped at the chance. What an exciting way to experience a new country, new culture, and amazing new food! Michelle loves to eat as much as I do, and has a particular soft spot for sweets, especially chocolate. Mix this with her ability to speak Turkish and I knew that this trip was going to be terrific.

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Eating Out – New Orleans!

I spent the month of July in New Orleans for work.

Though my time off was limited, I did manage to eat as much as I possibly could on my off days. New Orleans is a very unique place, full of history and unlike any place I’ve been before.  They take their food very seriously.

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Eating Out – South America!

I spent the month of March in South America on another food minded trip. I went to Chile, Argentina and Uruguay in hopes of learning about the cuisine from each country. The trip was not only about food, but wine as well! Chile and Argentina are known for their wines. I ate and drank to my heart’s content.

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Eating Out – Thailand

I recently spent a month in Thailand. The trip was filled with great beaches, and great shopping! After being back in Vancouver and reflecting on the trip, I’m really missing the street food and night markets. Canada’s strict food laws prevent us from having anything close to what I saw there. Some of the best (and worst) food I ate while in Thailand came from food stalls.

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