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I recently spent a month in Thailand. The trip was filled with great beaches, and great shopping! After being back in Vancouver and reflecting on the trip, I’m really missing the street food and night markets. Canada’s strict food laws prevent us from having anything close to what I saw there. Some of the best (and worst) food I ate while in Thailand came from food stalls.

It was so easy to find something good to eat there, and eat i did! Everywhere I turned there was food; I had my fair share of meat skewers, fresh fruit, fresh orange juice, noodle soups, fried fish and roti.

Food was plentiful and cheap! A friend I was visiting out there informed me that most people in Bangkok do not cook at home, why cook when you can get a great meal for less than it would cost to make it yourself? I was amazed what people were putting out from tiny restaurant kitchens and two gas setups on the street.

If a trip to Asia is not in your plans this summer, pay a visit to the Richmond Night Market.

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  1. Karen Buder says:

    Hi Taryn
    I’m really impressed with your website! I had a read and just wanted to say how much my husband and I love Thailand and the food there. Yes, and I’ll second that the food stalls from the street vendors were some of the best (and worst) food we tried! Thailand is a very special place for us. You should visit Vietnam next!

    Karen Buder

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