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  • Dining-Capacity: 14-45 (tbd)
  • Reception-Capacity: 60-70
  • Price: Roedde House requires a minimum rental of 3 hours at $200/hour, every additional hour after that is also $200.
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  • Availability Days:
  • Kitchen:
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Roedde House Museum

  • Ph: (604) 684-7040
  • 1415 Barclay Street, - Map
  • Vancouver, BC, Canada
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Asks for a damage deposit, which is equivalent to half of the rental fee. Do not deposit that cheque; merely keep it until after the event. If no additional cleaning is necessary and no damages are done to the house, we return the damage deposit cheque.

It is the renter’s responsibility to provide a liquor license (easy, quick and cheap to get at any BC Liquor Store).

Recently hosted a dinner party and could fit about 20 people in the dining room, 14 at the main table and 6 on a separate one. There is potential for more if you wish to add a table of two in the parlour (since it directly opens on to the dining room).