Deep Cove Yacht Club

Officially, the Deep Cove Yacht Club began its existence on July 31, l936 as the Deep Cove Sport Association and later became the Deep Cove Yacht & Sports Club, known fondly to most as the Deep Cove Yacht Club. Unofficially, the club’s formation was in reality the natural outcome of many of the Cove’s residents love for the water, water sports and boating. The municipality of North Vancouver had kindly allowed the club to rent a piece of land on the foreshore of Panorama Park.

Club Members cleared the land and erected a modest building and for the next forty nine years maintained and improved, all by volunteer labour, the clubhouse, grounds and floating wharves. During World War II, the clubhouse was requisitioned as an elementary school and it also served as a meeting place for the local Red Cross and Air Raid Precaution organizations.

During its early years, the clubhouse was the focal point for most of the Cove’s social and recreational activities and present Cultural Centre. By the early 1980’s, the original clubhouse was suffering from extreme old age and was replaced by the present building, with financing undertake solely by club members. In the past 20 years, the club has upgraded the wharves by installing 3 new concrete floats, electricity, water, extra lighting, security and new fingers. The club also acquired the Outstation at Iron bay in Indian Arm. DCYC members continue to pitch in and donate whatever talents they have to help keep the club functioning smoothly.

West Vancouver Yacht Club

The West Vancouver Yacht Club offers the kind of venue that makes events sensational.

Menu selection and prices are on the website If food and drinks are included there’s no extra charge for room rental.

If only room space is required cost is $500 per day for the Clubhouse and $300 per day for Yachting Centre. There’s a 15% gratuity charge on all events. Taxes are extra. Please see our brochure for further details.

Whether it’s a wedding, reception, anniversary, or business meeting, you’re invited to spoil your guests with our spectacular setting, superb banquet facilities and fine selection of wines and drinks.

Choose from 2 venues:

§ Clubhouse: Serene waterfront setting with vaulted covered entrance, large dance floor and outdoor patio. Full service in-house buffet catering and bar for up to 120 people.

§ Yachting Centre: Serene waterfront setting with vaulted ceiling and outdoor patio Meeting room for 40 people Ideal chapel for wedding ceremonies Limited catering

TV, VCR, overhead and slide projector at no charge
Handicap access | Non-smoking | Free parking | Member sponsor not required | Visa/Mastercard accepted

For Information and bookings, please contact Clubhouse Director. More details on our website at